Vintage Home Cafe Studio

Vintage Home Cafe Studio

I remember many years ago, when we wanted to visit the office in Stockholm, nearly around half of the old town, on the way back was exhausted, after Nytorgsgatan street, suddenly saw a corner of all wooden decoration of the old store, through the Windows of the warm atmosphere, we involuntarily open the door to enter, although the store is not big,The beautiful objects displayed around are plump and orderly. We sat in wooden double seats by the glass window, with a bottle of water soaked with rosemary ready for guests to drink. The owner is very enthusiastic, so that people like to return to their own home is generally very relaxed, tired, this street shop impression is still vivid.

As it happened, the manager of Vintage Home Cafe commissioned us to design her coffee studio. We saw the scene and found that the facade of the studio is located at one end of a long corridor, which is considered a standard office shop. It is a long and narrow space with light in front and back and a nice view outside. This sets the tone and atmosphere of the space.


The entrance is made of a small door by retreating method, and the other positions are made of wood and glass Windows, which are scattered before and after, but the structure is the same as a whole.






The dark wood produces a rich touch, in order to enhance the temperament of the space, the door handle, hanging rod, table foot, chandelier, ground boundary and other places to add brass elements, but also because this changing material characteristics will add the retro interest of the space, these details are not only comfortable and warm, but also personal homely feeling.



The tea area and the work area are connected by two channels.




The tea area and the work area are connected by two channels. What's most coveted about this space is the front and back lighting and views, seamlessly connecting the studio to the city and almost becoming one. The window becomes the picture frame of the window scene, and inside, from dawn to dusk, the light and shadow constantly subtly change, from far to near, and from near to far.


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