We strive to appreciate every color, every texture, every season, every flavor.

It is possible to ask for less, but better, to look carefully for objects that evoke a smile or comfort us, and to let them live poetically around us.

Thoughtful design is the key to driving the way we develop better habits and better adapt to the pace of daily life.

When we prioritize feelings and experiences as much as we value style, we begin to create homes that facilitate our lives. In this digital age, when visual inspiration is pouring in and the pressure to keep up can be intense, a slower, more thoughtful home offers an alternative that prioritizes our most cherished feelings and encourages the life we most aspire to.

Finest Materials

Everything starts with authentic, natural and sustainable materials. We source the highest quality materials to perfect the look, feel and performance of each piece we make. Our pared back design lets the innate beauty and longevity of these materials shine through.